In 30 years of heavy smoking, 10 years as a stop smoking hypnotist and 15,000 clinical hours with smokers, chewers and vapers, I've spent a lot of time studying why stopping seems so easy for some people and so difficult for others.

Did you know that most people who stop easily do it cold turkey? No pills, patches, e-cigs, acupuncture, lasers OR hypnotherapy. They use simple mental hacks and practical behaviors that anyone can learn.

Using combined techniques of Hypnotherapy, Motivational Interviewing and NLP, I've successfully taught the Nonsmoker Mindset to thousands of (now former) smokers, and I can teach you how you how to kick any kind of nicotine habit easily and completely.

No pills. No patches. No problem.
All you have to change is your mind.

Frank Oden CH/NLP

Denver, Colorado


New Year's Resolution Solution
HypNoSmoke Seminar

Monday, January 2, 2017 @ 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Doubletree Hilton Aurora

Are you planning to become a non-smoker for 2017? If you'd like help with that, you can experience the full HypNoSmoke process including deep relaxation hypnotic techniques at a fraction of the cost of private coaching. Seminars and small group sessions are conducted by expert facilitator and professional hypnotherapist Frank Oden in the comfortable privacy of an executive boardroom setting, with a limited number of participants. Small group sessions afford an ideal mix of effective personal attention and enjoyable social interaction. The conversational dynamic provides each participant with personalized connections to the process in the context of a fun and fascinating evening among friends.

$50 per person

Nothing Else To Buy

I really enjoyed the session and found you very easy to talk to. In addition to quitting smoking I was able to stick with my new workout routine and actually lost 50 lbs in under a year. Thank you for what you helped me do.*

Rob M Commerce City, CO

You took the time to understand me and my life and how smoking affected it, and provided me with engaging intellectual conversation about smoking patterns that really tipped the scales of reason in my favor.*

Brian B Denver, CO.

You have given me the confidence to be a non smoker and feel good about myself doing it. I also incorporated your program into other aspects of my life. I am working out and even running a little. Just wanted to say thank you.*

Catie P Broomfield, CO.

Personal Coaching

Becoming Nicotine Free is simple to do and easy to sustain for life, but that first big step can feel like a major challenge - not only for first-timers but especially for those who have struggled and failed in the past.
Affordable private sessions are available for individuals, couples and small groups, to guide your transition and empower your resolve.
Based on your existing tobacco perceptions and behaviors, I use Hypnotic, Neuro-Linguistic and Motivational Interviewing skills to create personalized outcomes that engage your unique strengths and skills.

Private Client - $300
Couple / 2 Person - $500
MORE INFO : Coaching & Fee Structure

Frank Oden CH/NLP

Denver, Colorado

I am so happy and grateful to you to finally be over smoking for good. I owe that reality to the conversations we had, the hypnotic techniques, all the fantastic information you shared with me about addiction and nicotine, about behavior and the best ways to align our beliefs with our actions.*

Mikal M Littleton, CO

You offered truth and laid the smoking problem out so clearly; your words really were the final push for me. I remember hearing your voice rapping in this Kerouac/Cassady rhythm. It really struck deep.*

Nancy W Denver, CO.

I can not explain why this really worked for me to my friends and family, it just did and I am so grateful. The session with you was easy, comfortable and successful.*

Becky M Broomfield, CO.

6 Mental Hacks for Nicotine Freedom

That person you know who "just quit" one day, and said it was easy? Chances are they did it with one or more of these tools.


You can succeed with skills you possess. When you begin any task that you know you will accomplish, you go with positive expectation. If it isn't automatic, you can create it on demand.

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We tend to accept ideas that support existing views. Smokers favor info to support continued smoking (difficulty, craving, failure). Nonsmokers use a totally different information set.



Smokers often think that fear or hate will help them quit, but negative motivators vanish quickly. Don't leave inspiration to chance, use valid behavioral strategies for positive motivation.



"Our greatest weapon against stress is the ability to choose one thought over another." -- William James

"Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so." -- Hamlet



You don't need willpower when you're acting in accordance with your true beliefs. Whether a person smokes or not isn't really a battle, it's always a decision. In your life, you get to cast the only vote.

Powerful Performance


A smoker trying to quit keeps saying, "I want to smoke, but I can't." That creates internal struggle. A nonsmoker says, "I could smoke any time I want to, but I honestly don't want to."

Most of the fears and concerns that smokers may have when "Trying To Quit" are based on stories that we needed as smokers in order to feel "okay" about continued smoking. Nonsmokers realize that these stories are all handy excuses to smoke, but they are not actual, legitimate reasons to be a smoker!

Top 6 reasons to Not Quit Smoking

Some of the classic reasons why many smokers assume or believe it must be difficult to stop. "Taught" by prior failures, we fear these outcomes.

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Quitting Sucks

Everyone knows quitting is hard, so you need gum and patches. Craving and withdrawal makes you angry, it's punishment.  

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When I'm really jonesing it's so tough there's nothing I can do.   I feel I'm gonna die / explode / scream / hurt someone if I don't get that smoke!  

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I miss it

I like smoking. It's my best friend, a long term relationship. My family /friends /coworkers are smokers, I'd feel sad and left out if I can't smoke.  

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It's a really bad time to try quitting right now, I'm under too much stress. Smoking at least relaxes me. I'll quit later, when things calm down.  

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Weight Gain

The last time I tried to quit I really started putting on weight. I know someone who gained 50 pounds when they quit, I'd rather smoke than be fat!  

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I'm Hooked

I'm really addicted. I've tried stopping but I can't. It's the toughest one to beat, and I have an addictive personality. I can't help it, I'm not in control.

"I spent half of my life (so far!) smoking up to two packs a day. I tried everything to stop, but struggled and failed countless times. Sometimes I'd make it a few weeks or months, I even quit for two years once. But I kept falling back to the same old habit. Then I learned a neat mental trick to stop easily and make sure I never smoke again. It's been working perfectly for the past twelve years, now I teach others how to create that outcome." -- Frank

Frank Oden

After 30 years as a heavy smoker and 10 years in private practice as a stop-smoking hypnotist, Frank Oden writes, speaks and coaches Nicotine Freedom to individuals and groups of all sizes. He combines the neuro-linguistic persuasion secrets of a professional hypnotist with the proven behavior techniques of an expert tobacco clinician.

Frank Oden CH/NLP

Denver, Colorado