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You probably don't want to hear this, but did you know that the most common, most effective and easiest method for quitting tobacco -- the one used by most former smokers around the world -- is Cold Turkey?

You may have "tried that before" but didn't get the desired result. If you failed in the past it's not because the method doesn't work or because you're unable. You just didn't do it correctly. You tried sparring with your own behavior but you didn't get your mind right first -- you held onto the idea of wanting to smoke.

Maybe you know a smoker who quit easily, just threw out the pack and never looked back. Have you noticed how they always say, "I just made up my mind." They didn't bother about craving or triggers, they didn't need willpower. They skipped right past "Trying to Quit" and went straight on to being a nonsmoker instead.

Most likely they did not visit a hypnotist or go into a trance to make this dramatic change. Whether they knew it or not, they were using a very special kind of auto-suggestion, or self hypnosis, to decisively change their own beliefs and perceptions about smoking. You can learn to use the same "mental hacks" and experience the easy outcome yourself.

All you have to change is your mind.

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Smokers are constantly exposed to the false message that becoming a nonsmoker is difficult -- we are self-taught through our own failed attempts, reinforced by well-meaning medical and public health sources, and targeted by Big Nicotine and Big Pharma to spend Billions on patented "cures" for the problems they advertise.

No Pill, Patch, Product or Process can make you stop.

This section is a placeholder for a series of videos I'll be making and posting here in 2018.
Meanwhile, come to one of my talks or visit me in person to learn more about these topics!

Nicotine Replacement

The tobacco industry makes billions while you keep your nicotine habit going strong.

Chantix / Wellbutrin

Big Pharma makes billions because people hope there's a magical cure for smoking.

Vaping / E-cigs

A whole new industry makes billions while you keep your nicotine habit going strong

Cutting Down

You think you're doing better but struggle more and reward your cravings with nicotine.


Battle-mode, a major show of force to fight an enemy you're creating in the first place.

Avoiding Triggers

We can only break triggers through direct experience. Avoidance perpetuates them.

Fear / Shame / Anger

Negative motives can prompt immediate action, but quickly fade and are soon forgotten.


It's not about character, strength or intelligence. It's a learned behavior, a habit.

Bad Advice

Well-meaning nonsmokers, even doctors, can be clueless about a smoker's experience.


No scientific support for any effect on behavior change beyond possible placebo.

Getting Hypnotized

You do need to change your thinking but hypnotic trance doesn't change behavior.

Herbal Supplements

There is nothing medical, nutritional or magical you can eat to become a nonsmoker.

Even so, each and every year in the United States, about two million smokers become full-time nonsmokers. More than half of all American smokers have quit and there are now more former smokers than current smokers in the US. Most of them "just quit" on their own, without pills, patches or products of any kind.

The odds are in your favor when you do it right.

"Frank was warm and open as he greeted each nervous guest...(He) began speaking in a relaxed tone that was effortless and organic, not put on for any “hip hypnotist” affect. Expert in his subject and learned in his craft, Frank’s wry humor peppered his story as he gently led us down the garden path of our own addiction, revealing what an absolutely absurd mind game we’d been playing on ourselves. He was logical. He was truthful. And he was an engaging myth-buster speaking to each one of us personally, guiding us back to our power. -- Tracy Shaffer, Telluride Inside

HypNoSmoke Stop Smoking Seminars Denver

Frank Oden, CH/NLP

HypNoSmoke Seminar

HypNoSmoke / Nicotine Free For Life

April 22nd 2018 @ 1:00PM -- Senior Community Center -- Wray, Colorado
Fee $30 -- Sponsored by Wray Hospital / Clinic

Join tobacco expert and former 30-year smoker Frank Oden for a master class in self-directed behavior change to stop smoking immediately, easily and permanently. Educational, motivational and entertaining, this hypnotic process includes covert suggestion and guided relaxation. No sales, no products.

Call (970) 332-2245 to Register
HypNoSmoke Seminar

Nicotine Free For Life

May 6th 2018 -- Aurora, Colorado -- $40

Join tobacco expert and former 30-year smoker Frank Oden for a master class in self-directed behavior change to stop smoking immediately, easily and permanently. Educational, motivational and entertaining, this hypnotic process includes covert suggestion and guided relaxation. No sales, no products.

More Info & Registration
Nicotine Free vs NRT

Nicotine Free Versus NRT

Free Talk with Q&A at Your Location

Health / Medical clinicians request this free informative and motivational session with talkback for patients and practitioners. Frank Oden presents compelling evidence for the ease and efficacy of drug-free cessation vs. "Trying to Quit" with tapered NRT or medications. No cost, no sales. Call to schedule.

Call : 303-246-2354
Nicotine Free vs NRT

Nicotine Free and/or THC

Free Talk with Q&A at Your Location

An increasing number of THC users (many of them also smokers) now find their cannabis use difficult to control. Some try to quit both at once, others try to stop nicotine only. Frank Oden presents the physical, cognitive and behavioral factors that determine possible outcomes. No cost, no sales. Call to schedule.

Call : 303-246-2354
Blowing Smoke

Hack Your Health Habits

Coming Soon - Denver, Colorado

Join Psychotherapist and Bad Habits expert Frank Oden for a guided tour of the difference between "Easy" and "Impossible" when breaking old habits and creating new ones. All behaviors are created, sustained or adapted by the same set of rules. Look inside the toolkit and take charge of your own behaviors.

Creator of the HypNoSmoke method for drug-free nicotine / THC cessation, Frank Oden specializes in cognitive behavioral technique and neurolinguistic (non-trance) hypnotherapy. He has worked with thousands of individuals in his Denver clinical practice and facilitated over 100 public seminars, coaching groups of all sizes on rapid tobacco cessation and practical "Mental Hacks" for self-directed behavior change.

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Call : 303-246-2354

"I wanted to say thank you! Since taking your seminar back in March I have stayed a non-smoker 'til my final day. My mother hasn't had a smoke since the seminar either! You were incredible, and you changed my life. I'm healthier, I can smell and taste again. I'm referring everyone I know that wants to quit, to you. Thank You!"

Mark B. Denver, CO

Frank traveled to our community to provide a group session. The class filled up and we have had wonderful success following the event. From our small group I know of at least 13 that have completely quit, and others have cut back significantly. Everyone involved was very satisfied.

Cardiac/Pulmonary Services Director Wray, CO

Frank, I took your seminar a month or two ago. In the past, I lost the battle with nicotine so many times but with your help/session now I don't even give it a second look. You have given me my life back, if you ever need a referral please send them my way.

Geoff N. Denver, CO
Private Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Individuals, Couples & Small Groups
Nicotine and/or THC

Becoming nicotine free or stopping cannabis use is simple to do and easy to sustain for life, but that first big step can feel like a major challenge - not only for first-timers but especially for those who have struggled and failed in the past. Affordable private sessions are available for individuals, couples and small groups, to address your specific concerns, guide your transition and empower your resolve. Every session is unique, a customized approach is developed in response to each client's personal strengths and concerns.

Private Clients - $300
No charge for personal support / follow-up within 30 days.
Includes lifetime free pass to public events (held monthly)

Two or Three Person Session - $250 each
Couples, friends and family members save up to $150 in shared sessions.
Also includes 30 days direct support and lifetime pass to public events.

Read More Info on Process and Prices

Call : 303-246-2354

I really enjoyed the session and found you very easy to talk to. In addition to quitting smoking, I was also able to stick with my new workout routine and actually lost 50 pounds in under a year. Thank you for what you helped me do.

Rob M. Commerce City, CO

You took the time to understand me and my life and how smoking affected it, and provided me with engaging intellectual conversation about smoking patterns that really tipped the scales of reason in my favor

Brian B Denver. CO

You have given me the confidence to be a nonsmoker and to feel good about myself doing it. I was also able to incorporate your program into other aspects of my life. I am working out and even running a little. Just wanted to say thank you.

Catie P. Broomfield, CO

An Incomplete Guide to Expectations

You want to quit but don't know if you're able You need to quit but don't really want to
You want to stop completely, once and for all You want to cut down or just stop for a while
You're concerned about triggers and relapse You plan to avoid all your major triggers
You're concerned about withdrawal or craving You plan to use Chantix or nicotine products
You want to quit chew & smokeless tobacco You want to switch to other tobacco products
You want to quit e-devices, vape or NRT gum You want to quit smoking tobacco by vaping
You want to completely stop cannabis / THC You want to quit hard drugs or heavy alcohol
You want to quit nicotine but continue THC You want to continue hard drugs / heavy alcohol
You're committed to making a lifestyle change You're willing to "try this" to "see what happens"
You enjoy learning and working with new ideas You hope "the hypnosis" will reprogram your brain
You want more control over all your behaviors You hope "the hypnosis" will fix your behaviors
You want non-smoking to be easy and enjoyable You want to hate smoking / be unable to smoke

If you're curious about the "why" of any answer above, or wonder about something you don't see covered, please give me a call and ask. I'm always happy to discuss any or all aspects of nicotine, cannabis, NLP or Hypnotherapy over the phone!

"The basic tools and methods I teach rely on simple, common sense mental skills possessed by nearly every person. It costs you nothing to apply such techniques in your own mind, your own life - in fact, most of these mental tools have been in common use by humans for over 2000 years!” -- Frank Oden

Six Mental Hacks for Nicotine Freedom

That smoker who "just quit" one day, and said it was easy?
They did it with one or more (maybe all) of these tools.

Positive Motivation
 Hack Your Motivation

Smokers tend to assume that aversive, negative ideas and images about smoking are the best motivations to quit. But negative motivators like fear will quickly fade once a change has been made. Use valid strategies for creating long term self-motivation.

Good Information
 Hack Your Information

We prefer ideas that support existing views. As smokers we collected "proof" of need and desire (addiction, craving, stress, failure). A nonsmoker rejects those false ideas and acts on facts that support nonsmoking. Choose your information policy wisely.

Clear Perspective
 Hack Your Perspective

A smoker who is trying to quit will think, "I want to smoke but I can't." Smokers are very familiar with that feeling and imagine nonsmoking as a lifetime of deprivation. An actual nonsmoker thinks, "I could smoke anytime I want to, but I just don't want to."

Powerful Attitude
Hack Your Attitude

Optimist / Pessimist choices may reflect situation over character. Were you thirsty, or drowning when you saw the glass of water? Bad experience can engender pessimistic views and vice versa. Applied optimism is the correct strategic antidote.

Absolute Certainty
 Hack your Certainty

Constantly reminding and scolding yourself and picking "Willpower" battles is an ineffective, punishing grind. But we never struggle at all when we're getting what we want. Know what you want and why and how to get it. Be certain that you will.

Mental Relaxation
 Hack Relaxation

With the other five concepts in place, there's no battle to fight, no need for strength or resistance. When you know that something is easily done with simple skills you already possess, you do it with a relaxed and positive expectation of success.

"As human beings, our greatest weapon against stress
is the ability to choose one thought over another."
-- William James

With a 30 year past as a heavy tobacco and marijuana smoker, 13 years as a stop-smoking clinician and hypnotherapist, a life's career in public speaking and 15,000 hours coaching individual smokers and groups of all sizes, Denver psychotherapist, tobacco cessation expert and NLP master trainer Frank Oden combines Neuro-Linguistic persuasion skills with proven cognitive behavioral techniques in a compelling single-session process that has guided thousands of former nicotine and THC users to rapid and lasting success.

As clinician, speaker, author and coach, Oden is skilled communicator of the true nature of smoking, the intricacies of "the smoker mindset," and the role of language in self-directed behavior change.