Drug-Free Tobacco Cessation?

I know it feels like a big challenge, especially if you’ve struggled and failed in the past. But it really can be easy to stop smoking without pills, gum or patches.

I smoked 1-2 packs a day for 30 years. I tried to quit countless times, all the ways you’ve tried, and I made all the same excuses you’ve made. Sometimes I would manage to stop for a while, even made it a couple of years once — but you know by now how “just that one” turns out.

Having struggled and failed so often, I remember being annoyed with former smokers who said they “just quit” easily. I wanted to know why it seemed easy for some people to stop smoking, but difficult for me. So I went back to school to study psychology, addiction, Neuro-Lingustics, the pharmacology of nicotine, the role of drug effects in learned behavior, cognitive rationalization, clinical tobacco intervention,  Nicotine Replacement Therapy — anything and everything to do with smoking:  especially how to help myself and other stop smoking easily.  Well, would you like to know the result of all that research (click for details)  …?

It turns out that the most widely used, most successful method for quitting smoking is actually Cold Turkey! And the most reliable measure of a person’s ability to stop smoking easily is 100% perfect confidence and the power of positive expectation.

Over the past 10 years I’ve spent more than 10,000 clinical hours working with thousands of smokers, privately and in groups of all sizes.   I’ve developed a collection of techniques that I’m confident can help any nicotine user understand why “Trying To Quit” is always hard, but how becoming a non-smoker is the easiest thing in the world.   You don’t need pills or patches to stop smoking. You don’t even need willpower.  All you have to change is your mind.


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